• We are a small family owned and operated farm.  Years ago,  we started out with registered Icelandic sheep and two llamas, named Jack & Elliot. We enjoyed the farm, but saw we had grown out of it…so we ventured to look elsewhere for more room to grow. 
  • In 2011, my husband and I went for a drive in the country in Washington.  My husband pulled into the parking lot of a real estate office. That day changed our game plan.
  • The real estate agent knew exactly what was wanted. Of course she showed us a few others. Some needed a little work, some none. Of course we fell madly in love with the one that needed the most. A home from 1912, with outbuildings, one which included a massive barn in fabulous condition from late 1800’s. It also had an old apple orchard…not in the best of care, but I love it. It had been one of my prayer requests with God, along with a wood cook stove. This place had both. Thank you God!
  • We moved into our new home in 2012. With the help of friends  fencing skills, we got an area ready for the sheep to move in. They lived that summer in the old apple orchard. I haven’t seen these sheep so happy. Apples falling to the ground for them, like the manna falling in the desert for the wandering israelites.
  • I used to make wine, not what you’d call a drinker, but I love to make it. I wanted to do something similar. We have an apple orchard!
  • The apples in this orchard are delicious in flavour. I’ll wander in it and just pick an apple to enjoy. I wanted to do something with this orchard besides making copious amounts of pie filling and apple sause. I didn’t want to do Apple Jack either.  I had juiced the apples a few times. It was great, but there was more to be done in the orchard. I started to see room for more growth. My husband and I decided to go with cider apples. A tree that got hit during prohibition.
  • Now we’re getting into hard cider, from our own apples.
  • The sheep are still happy, and still enjoy the apples too.

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